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Building Products

Hutchison Inc. has a full line of building products to ensure your most stringent agricultural structure needs are met with ease and security. Dozens of metal roofing and siding choices are available from corrugated through the tough and durable Universal Panel. Our products not only look great, but will keep your livestock and supplies safe and dry. Skylights serve to protect against harmful UV rays while being aesthetically pleasing, while screws, fasteners, and other hardware are of superior design and functionality. Whether you need something as large as a roof, or as small as a nail or staple, our products will make your building project the best it can be.

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Traditional Panel

Metal Roofing And Siding

Our roofing and siding options are the strongest, highest quality options for building on your farm/ranch. We offer traditional panel models and universal panels in 16 color options, as well as the special-order universal panel G90, which looks as good as it is tough. We supply liner panels and corrugated roofing and siding products made of galvanized steel.
38 in x 10 ft Traditional Skylight


Hutchison offers 32" and 38" traditional skylights, and 38" universal skylights. Additionally, we carry 38" polycarbonate traditional and universal panels, and 38" polycarbonate ridge caps. These SunSky® corrugated polycarbonate panels stand up to tough exterior applications and offer multiple advantages over traditional fiberglass corrugated panels. They come in a range of colors and have numerous unique features.
Wood-Tec Screw

Screws & Fasteners

Our Wood-Tec fasteners are designed to attach metal roof and sidewall panels used in pre-engineered metal building applications. The cupped self-drilling fastener easily penetrates steel up to .210" in thickness with no "point walking". All screws have mechanical zinc plating which provides superior corrosion resistance and the cupped head and washer provide a secure seal, even when driven at an angle. Product sold in Bag of 250 screws.
White Jumbo Pull

Builders Hardware

We offer everything you need for your building projects, all designed to save you money. We carry many square tracks with accessories and round tracks with accessories. Hutchison wide array of sliding door hardware makes many options available. Vinyl windows are available, as well as various standard, aluminum, and dutch doors. Everything is constructed to last long and withstand any elements.
Valley Tin

Trim And Accessories

We have hundreds of models of trim and accessories available for your needs. These include rake & corner trims, ridge caps, angle trims, starter trims, finishing trims, and roof transitioning trims. Other accessories include door posts & jambs, track covers, and gutter aprons. Our fine options in valley tins, W-formed valleys, flat sheets, and roofing accessories are attractive, wide ranging, and built to last.
RV-400 4 ft Roofline Ridgolator


Our superior ridgolators come in many models of four options: Roofline I (17 models), Roofline II (15 models), Roofline III (15 models), Roofline IV (9 models). Most models are 10' long and they are manufactured to a 4:12 pitch. They are all designed with value, function, and longevity in mind.
#48000 16 x 11 3/4 in Soffit

Soffit Trim

We carry 30 models of steel soffit and 60 models of aluminum soffit, in both solid and perforated. Both are available in a range of colors. Hutchison offers 15 models of FJ trim for steel soffit available in a selection of colors, all 10' long. A 7/8" opening allows for one profile to be used with K-Ribbed Soffit panel, liner panel, or roofing panel. We have 30 models of FJ trim for aluminum soffit, also 10' long and available in a wide array of colors. All soffit and soffit trim products are exceptionally designed and built.
Earth Anchors

Earth Anchor

An easy, practical way to secure fences, gate posts, grain bins, feed racks, litter carriers, etc. No digging or hammering - just take a bar or pipe and screw it in.
Nails, Staples

Nails, Staples

We carry a very large selection of nails and staples that are guaranteed to suit your building and construction needs. Products include flat head and diamond point bright smooth box nails and bright common nails. We have varying bright finish nails, duplex/scaffold nails, and bright ring common nails. We also offer smooth spikes, ring shank drywall nails, pole barn nails, multiple galvanized nails, and more. In addition, Hutchison carries galvanized staples and double barbed staples for your fencing projects.
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