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Cattle Handling Equipment

HW Brand cattle handling equipment was designed with safety to the operator and animal in mind. Our 8' x 10' calving pen has a front panel that includes a scissor-action, self-catch headgate and a manual gate. The back gate is a 8' frame gate 6-rail with piston latch and has heavy clip-and-pin hardware on both ends. The hydraulic chutes feature a "scissor" headgate and tailgate. We also carry a hydraulic chute trailer for use with our chutes, as well as a manual chute. Our palpation cages have a number of features and their widths adjust 20 1/2" minimum to 33 1/2" maximum.

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Calving Pen

Calving Pen

Our calving pen is 8' x 10'. Front panel includes scissor-action, self-catch headgate and manual gate for access in and out of calving pen with both piston latch. Sheeted side panels swing out for nursing or pulling calves. This allows full access with no obstructions.
Back gate is a 8' frame gate 6-rail with piston latch. Back gate has heavy clip-and-pin hardware on both ends so you can swing your gate based on your preferred livestock flow.

The squeeze gate swings open allowing entrance to the headgate and features a quick squeeze lock system into the side panel. Calving pen is also ideal for smaller operators who want to confine an animal for minor veterinary work, grooming or nursing. Both back frame and front frame ...
HBHYD Hydraulic Chute

Hydraulic Chute

Hydraulic squeeze chutes are available in three models. All hydraulic chutes feature a "scissor" headgate and tailgate. All models come standard with electrical power units installed with 3 HP electric motor and 10 GPM vane pump. Chutes are L/H operation and have plate on opposite side with extra hose to quickly switch to R/H operation.

Frame and side panel material is 3" x 2" rectangular tube frame 3/16" wall thickness. Side panels allow 100% neck access on both sides giving user excellent access for "Shot-Zone".

Hydraulic chutes come standard with top and bottom hydraulic squeeze. Side release and side palp door are available in two models and hydraulic neck bar on one model.

WIDE opening scissor gates open to a ...
Manual Squeeze Chute

Manual Chute

Manual squeeze chutes feature skirted rear-gate that opens and closes quick and easy for sorting purposes. Front scissor Headgate can be operated manually or set up for self-catch mode. Bottom squeeze can be adjusted or opened up to three widths. Access for branding is made easy with drop tubes. Top squeeze is controlled with pull and latch chain system to desired tension.

Lower half of the animal can be accessed through the drop down side panels. Side exit is standard on all manual chutes.

Manual squeeze inside width can be set for the size of stock you are working. Bottom width adjusts from 9" minimum to 21" maximum, while top width adjusts from 9" minimum to 30 1/2" maximum.
Palpation Cage

Palpation Cage

Palp cage features scissor style tailgate, access gates on both sides. Available in left-hand and right-hand. Dual handles for tailgate control operation from either side. Width adjustments 20 1/2" minimum to 33 1/2" maximum.
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