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Construction Reinforcement

Hutchison has 10 types and models of quality construction reinforcement products to complete the job. We offer rebar in multiple sizes, re-mesh, and 5 varieties of snow fence/plastic fence. These include standard and heavy duty safety fencing, snow fencing, wood snow fencing, and wood cribbing.

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Rebar is a reinforcement bar used in both reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures. It is formed from carbon steel and is given ridges for better frictional adhesion to concrete. Concrete rebar is used to absorb the tension forces in concrete due to the fact that concrete has an extremely piteous strength as a tension material. When it comes to the driveway, the rebar is placed as adjacent as it can to the center of the thickness. This is due to the fact that the pressure on the driveway can be either on the side or in the center.


Reinforcement for flatwork, driveways, sidewalks, decks; can also be formed for precast vaults, and concrete pipe, and can be utilized in structural form for certain applications.
16 and 22 in Flower Border Fence

Snow Fence / Plastic Fence

This heavy duty orange snow and safety fence is UV stabilized, resists wind damage, and remains flexible in freezing temperatures. The oval mesh is designed to slow wind and create drifts for snow storage, keeping snow off roadways, driveways and runways. It can be used as a safety fence as a warning barrier or for crowd control.
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