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Electric Fence

Electric fencing is a fencing alternative to conventional or barbed wire fences. Made of 100% American smooth steel wire, it is perfect for creating a psychological as well as physical barrier to keep out unwanted animals or people. Hutchison also has available 5 models of electric fence posts of varying diameters, 10 energizers, and 39 different parts and accessories, including, but not limited to, insulators, wire strainers, gate handles, clamps, and springs. All are as functional as they are economical.

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Electric Fence Wire 17ga .5

Electric Fence Wire

  • Ideal for adding extra security to existing systems for changeable confinement operations
  • Galvanized for resistance to rust and corrosion
  • Available in handy dispensing spools
  • Made in the United States with 100% American steel
Electric Fence Posts

Electric Fence Post

This thin round metal post is used for temporary electric fencing such as cordoning off an area where livestock can graze for a short period of time since they cannot manage any significant strain. Available in rebar or smooth.
#1388-10 Insulators Round Corner

Electric Fence Insulators

The purpose of an insulator is to keep the wire from touching the post or other grounded items. Electric fence insulators can be made of plastic or porcelain and come in several styles because the insulator must match both the type of fence post and the type of wire being used.
  • Insulators connect to wood posts, T-posts, round posts, U-Posts, chain link posts and wire. The other end of the insulator connects to wire, Polywire, Polyrope and Polytape.
  • Electric Fence Insulators are made of plastic or porcelain, each having its own advantages:
  • Plastic Insulators are nailed to the post and are molded from polyethylene often with UV inhibitors to protect it from the weather.
  • Porcelain Insulators are often more expensive per unit ...
#1360 Fence Tester, Five-O-Lite

Electric Fence Parts & Accessories

It is important to have the electric fence parts and tools on hand to maintain your fence properly. We offer an assortment of gate handles and hardware, fasteners & clips, splicing equipment, testers, and more.

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DE600 & DE2400 110V Energizer


The success behind the Electric Fence is the ability to keep the animals in control both physically and psychologically. This is governed by the type of fence charger you select. There are three types of Energizers offered - the 110-volt plug in, the 12-volt battery powered, and the solar powered.
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