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Fence & Wire Products

Our full line of fence and wire products includes everything you need to keep your livestock and horses in, and intruders and unwanted predators out. From barbed wire, horse fencing, and field fencing, to t-posts, poultry fencing, and fence construction reinforcements, all you need is right here. Whether you have rigid performance specifications, have hilly terrain, or want to prevent hoof and leg damage, there is a fence for your requirements. All fences are impeccably designed, featuring an innovative connecting system. Many feature the unique ability to spring back into shape, and all are easy to install. The wire products are made of 100% American steel, and can be used for other purposes throughout the home and farm.

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Barbless Wires

Barbed Wire

Hutchison has everything you need when it comes to barbed wire. As a leading supplier of RedBrand wire products, we offer 25 choices of barbed and barbless wire, in addition to fence stretchers and fence staples of varying sizes. Our galvanized spiral fence stays keep barbed wire lines trim and evenly spaced, and are available in 5 choices.
Field Fence

Field Fence

Hutchison has 37 models of standard field fence available, in 9, 10, and 11 gauge sizes. We also offer a variety of RedBrand Square Deal and Stiff Stay fences, hi-tensile fences, game fences, and several sizes of sheep and goat fences. Our commercial field fences are available in 12 1/2 gauge with standard product specifications. All of our field fences are durable, strong, and made of the highest quality materials and construction.
V-Mesh Horse Fence

Horse Fence

Hutchison has a wide selection of horse fences, perfect for all your equine fencing needs. We offer 9 choices of standard horse fencing, as well as 12 models of non-climb horse fences. Our continuous fence, available in 33 models, is simple to install and offers a combination of excellent value and quality. This product is ideal for building corrals and runs, putting in an arena, or building a property fence. Its innovative design makes it a uniquely superior product.
Electric Fence Posts

Electric Fence

Electric fencing is a fencing alternative to conventional or barbed wire fences. Made of 100% American smooth steel wire, it is perfect for creating a psychological as well as physical barrier to keep out unwanted animals or people. Hutchison also has available 5 models of electric fence posts of varying diameters, 10 energizers, and 39 different parts and accessories, including, but not limited to, insulators, wire strainers, gate handles, clamps, and springs. All are as functional as they are economical.
Cattle Panels

Wire Panels

All of our panels are ideal for farm/ranch settings, and are exceptionally designed. We offer strong steel cattle panels, hog panels, horse panels, and sheep & calf panels, both 10 line and 13 line. They are all built to withstand animals' weight against them, and are designed to last. The wire panels available from Hutchison will save you money and worries.
Hi-Tensile Smooth Wire

Hi-Tensile Smooth Wire

Made from higher carbon rod for a stiffer, harder wire with superior strength, our High Tensile wire is rugged enough to enclose livestock and pastures with or without electric chargers. Effective, dependable, low-cost fencing solution that is perfect for remote areas where cattle must be contained. Class 3 galvanized wire has a heavy zinc coating for long life and durability.

Can be electrified when needed but it is recommended that ten wires or more be installed, two of which would be electrified. Professional installation is advised.
Merchant Wire

Merchant Wire

This multi-use single strand wire is ideal for bundling and tying. Can also be used for many other applications around the home, shop and farm, such as hanging tools, and shop and household chores. This wire is available with either galvanized or black annealed finishes.
Double Loop Ornamental Fence

Utility Fabric

We at Hutchison offer a large line of utility fabric that will serve all of your needs. 32 models of utility fabric are made of weather-resistant galvanized wire and are very strong. Our zinc-coated woven utility cloths are ideally suited for garden use, workshop, and home projects and come in 14 choices. Yard and kennel fencing features the Square Deal® Knot for safety and also keeps children, pets, and gardens safe. Our 8 varieties of ornamental and flower bed fencing protects your garden while keeping out pests and looking attractive.
Poultry Fencing

Poultry Fencing

Our poultry fencing, available in 4 models, is designed for poultry and pet pens, providing pest and predator-proof protection. The hexagon mesh design is reinforced with supplemental horizontal wires while the 20 gauge wire is galvanized before weaving to last longer, resisting rust and corrosion. Hutchison's rabbit & poultry fence and net products are ideal for keeping out unwanted animals while offering extreme durability and cost effectiveness.

Construction Reinforcement

Hutchison has 10 types and models of quality construction reinforcement products to complete the job. We offer rebar in multiple sizes, re-mesh, and 5 varieties of snow fence/plastic fence. These include standard and heavy duty safety fencing, snow fencing, wood snow fencing, and wood cribbing.

T-Posts & Accessories

Hutchison carries many options in heavy T-posts as well as ASTM certified T-posts. All are made in the USA of rail steel. Each one guarantees a minimum yield point of 50,000 PSI and an ultimate tensile strength greater than 80,000 PSI. We also offer several delineator posts, T-post clips made of galvanized steel, easy-to-install post pounders, 14 gauge steel U posts, and corner/angle/U-braces that provide exceptional durability.
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