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Horse Fence

Hutchison has a wide selection of horse fences, perfect for all your equine fencing needs. We offer 9 choices of standard horse fencing, as well as 12 models of non-climb horse fences. Our continuous fence, available in 33 models, is simple to install and offers a combination of excellent value and quality. This product is ideal for building corrals and runs, putting in an arena, or building a property fence. Its innovative design makes it a uniquely superior product.

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V-Mesh Horse Fence

Horse Fence

V-Mesh fence is constructed by continuously interweaving (not by simply welding or joint knotting) vertical wires with horizontal cable. V-Mesh's horizontal cables and vertical wires form perfect hinge joints every 8" of height, allowing the fence to flex. The dense diamond mesh weave spacing prevents possible hoof and leg damage and keeps predators from invading your property. The design also makes it extremely difficult to climb or get a toe-hold which keeps intruders out. Roll length 165'.
Non-Climb Horse Fence

Non-Climb Horse Fence

This fence offers rigid, yet flexible construction that makes it ideal for installation over rolling meadows or hilly terrain. It’s superior strength and narrow "non-climb" mesh pattern is designed to withstand the most vigorous of equine antics with ease. The bright galvanized finish presents a handsome appearance with virtually no maintenance.
Continuous Fence (HB800-002-0002, HB800-002-0001, HB800-002-0004, HB800-002-0003)

Continuous Fence

Continuous Fence combines top notch quality, simple installation and a visually appealing finish at a very cost effective price, whether you're building corrals and runs, putting in an arena or building property fence.

The key to the Continuous Fence System is the innovative connecting system. Each 10' or 20' panel has one end which is coped, allowing it to fit into the next panel for a smooth, yet solid, joint.

To install the fence, you set your posts on 10" centers and lag bolt the first panel to the posts with C-Clamps. The next panel fits into the first and you continue installation. Once you reach the end of a run, you can add an elbow connector or an end post. Elbows come in 46º, 90º and flexible configurations. Because ...

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