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HW Heavy Duty Brown Livestock Equipment

Our HW Brand heavy duty brown livestock and equine equipment are higher quality for the serious rancher and includes cattle handling equipment, equine equipment, continuous fence systems, cattle feeders, and arena systems. Cattle equipment such as heavy duty livestock gates, bull gates, calving pens, various feeders, and more; equine equipment includes a variety of gates, corral panels, horse stalls, and more. Our continuous fence is an easy-to-install, high quality product that is as attractive as it is effective. A full arena system and accessories are available for custom design, and all components are manufactured on the same high standards.

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Super HD Gate 2 in - 6 Rail 14GA - Brown (1 Verticals)

Heavy Duty Cattle Equipment

Our heavy duty cattle equipment offerings were built for strength and durability. These include 5- and 6-rail heavy duty livestock gates, 5-rail heavy duty bull gates, and 6-rail super heavy duty gates. Heavy gate and corral hardware were designed to withstand the challenge of the confined livestock. Additionally, we carry 9 corral panel models, 12 corral arched entry panels which are ideal for feedlots, working arenas, and calving barns, and 4 feeder panels. Our 7 feed bunk and hay rack choices are strong and superior products.
Continuous Fence - Brown (With 2 Verticals)

Continuous Fence

Continuous Fence combines top notch quality, simple installation and a visually appealing finish at a very cost effective price, whether you're building corrals and runs, putting in an arena or building property fence.

The key to the Continuous Fence System is the innovative connecting system. Each 10' or 20' panel has one end which is coped, allowing it to fit into the next panel for a smooth, yet solid, joint.

To install the fence, you set your posts on 10" centers and lag bolt the first panel to the posts with C-Clamps. The next panel fits into the first and you continue installation. Once you reach the end of a run, you can add an elbow connector or an end post. Elbows come in 46º, 90º and flexible configurations. Because ...

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Cattle Handling Equipment

Cattle Handling Equipment

HW Brand cattle handling equipment was designed with safety to the operator and animal in mind. Our 8' x 10' calving pen has a front panel that includes a scissor-action, self-catch headgate and a manual gate. The back gate is a 8' frame gate 6-rail with piston latch and has heavy clip-and-pin hardware on both ends. The hydraulic chutes feature a "scissor" headgate and tailgate. We also carry a hydraulic chute trailer for use with our chutes, as well as a manual chute. Our palpation cages have a number of features and their widths adjust 20 1/2" minimum to 33 1/2" maximum.
Equine Equipment

Equine Equipment

We have a wide and varied selection of quality equine equipment. Products include models of 5-rail livestock gates and wire filled gates, several corral panels and corral arched entry panels, and round pens available in 40' and 60' diameter. We also offer traditional and original horse stalls, both with vertical rails that are 1"/14 gauge material and vertical bars on fronts and dividers that are at 3" spacing. Our horse stalls have a number of special features. Finally, our horse shelters, horse tacks, and stall connectors are plentiful and top quality.
Cattle Feeders

Cattle Feeders

For cattle, we have 8 models of bale feeders as well as hay savers and neck tubes to accompany them. We offer 3 stall feeders that are constructed of 18 gauge steel. They are available in single wall mount, double wall mount, and single corner feeder, and feature grain-saver troughs and hay grills. We also carry V-rack feeders with vertically-adjustable telescoping legs. The tubular frame is 14 gauge with 16 gauge skirting. All cattle feeders are superior in every way.
MK32HE brwn

Livestock Waterers & Mineral Feeders

A new line of HW Brown automatic waterers have been added.  Five drinkers with electric heat and one poly automatic drinker take the worry away from filling and maintaining your livestock waterers.  Connected to an underground water line, the water level is maintained at a constant level by use of a float and valve system. The super insulation on all of our waterers prevents the water from freezing.

Mineral feeders utilize a high density polyethylene flap to protect feed & minerals from UV rays. Most any animal is attracted to this feeder and readily learns to use it.
Arena Systems

Arena System

The HW Brand Heavy Duty Brown Arena System provides a wide selection of high quality modular components to quickly and easily create a livestock handling facility to suit your specific need - then disassemble and reassemble to satisfy a completely different requirement. Whether it's for a working operation, a training facility, a vaccination station or a weekend rodeo arena, this system readily adapts to a myriad of functions.
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