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Livestock & Equine Equipment

A full range of superior livestock and equine equipment is available from Hutchison Inc. These include three varieties of stock tanks, six varieties of tubular livestock gates, panel gates, wildlife gates, two types of panels, five types of feeding equipment, three varieties of waterers, pet panels, pet fences, and buckets and pails. We offer the largest assortment of livestock and equine equipment at the best prices, and our quality is as excellent as our selection is wide.

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Stock Tanks

Stock Tanks

Hutchison's stock tanks are the ideal product for providing drinking water for your livestock, including cattle, sheep, horses, and more. We offer a large range of sizes, from 3' with a 40 gallon capacity, to 30' with a 10,603 gallon capacity, and come in both heavy duty steel and poly. Whether for farm pastures, mountain meadows, high plains, or any environment at all, our stock tanks are constructed with long-term use and weather-resistance in mind.
Panel Gates

Pasture & Horse Gates

Over three dozen models of pasture and horse gates are available from Hutchison, each made of the finest quality materials featuring the most superior design elements. All panel gates are made of hardened 22 gauge galvanized fully formed spring steel, while the large selection of pasture/horse gates come in your choice of five or seven rails, are made of 18 gauge steel, and are perfectly designed for open field, horse paddock, and pasture use. Sizes and characteristics vary to best accommodate your requirements.
Livestock Gates

Livestock Gates

Hutchison Inc. carries a large selection of livestock gates to suit varying needs. They allow for easy access to pastures, stalls, and livestock pens. Our gates are manufactured from the highest quality materials, are designed to be easy to install, and as attractive as they are hardy. Manufactured from either 2" or 1 3/4" high tensile steel tubing, they are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. All are powder coated in choice of HW Brand green, gray, red or tan. Our lines include heavy duty livestock gates, hog gates, utility gates, wildlife gates, and wire filled gates.
Corral Panels (Green)

Corral Panels

At Hutchison Inc., we manufacture a variety of corral panels. Options include standard corral panels, arched entry panels, Western horse entry panels, and a selection of hardware. While straight legged CP panels provide extra durability for permanent installations, or where the cattle are worked actively, loop legged panels are portable and ideal for penning calves, show cattle, and horse runs and arenas. All are powder coated in choice of HW Brand green, gray, red or tan. Constructed of high tensile steel tubing, they are built to last.
#351 Energy Free Waterer

Livestock Waterers

A constant supply of clean fresh water is one of the most essential components in a livestock feeding program. A livestock waterer is based on a concept of the waterer automatically filling with water from a pressurized water line. This occurs when a valve is triggered by the decline of the water level within the waterer. The valve opens to start the refilling and closes when the water reaches the preset water level. When the animals drink from the waterer they are triggering the valve to open to start the refilling process. There are many advantages of an automatic waterer:
  • Constant fresh, clean water. Livestock are never without water.
  • Time saver - automatic water refill.
  • Algae growth reduced on water.
  • Year round ease of usage.
Feeder Panels

Livestock Feeders

At Hutchison, we have every type of livestock feeder to suit your needs. Our tubular stack saver feeder panels are made of heavy duty 2"/18 gauge and build rectangular hay loaf feeders of any size or width. They can be used for multiple functions: In straight line for bunk feeding or in conjunction with corral systems for feeding areas. We have 11 bale feeder models, 3 stall feeders, and 6 mineral feeders, which protect feed & minerals from UV rays and are suitable for all types of animals. Feed bunks and hay-racks allow you to feed hay, grain, and salt/minerals to any animals, and round hog feeders are durable and completely element-proof. Our product line also includes multiple supplement feeders, feed bins, and more.
Livestock Bucket & Tub

Livestock Bucket & Tub

Heavy duty, impact resistant Tuff Stuff buckets & tubs are made from 100% recycled low density polyethylene (LDPE) materials. This renders the products heat & cold resistant, U.V. resistant, no discoloration or maintenance, and comes with a 5 year warranty against normal use & wear.

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