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Livestock Waterers

A constant supply of clean fresh water is one of the most essential components in a livestock feeding program. A livestock waterer is based on a concept of the waterer automatically filling with water from a pressurized water line. This occurs when a valve is triggered by the decline of the water level within the waterer. The valve opens to start the refilling and closes when the water reaches the preset water level. When the animals drink from the waterer they are triggering the valve to open to start the refilling process. There are many advantages of an automatic waterer:
  • Constant fresh, clean water. Livestock are never without water.
  • Time saver - automatic water refill.
  • Algae growth reduced on water.
  • Year round ease of usage.

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#351 Energy Free Waterer

Energy Free Waterer

Energy free drinkers are designed for year round use without requiring the added cost and inconvenience of electrical current. Nature's ground water temperature does this job as it enters the drinker between 45º and 56º F. The waterers are heavily insulated to hold that heat. Simple installation as they can be fitted on existing pads; no heat well needed. Animal friendly flaps with no ball or float closures to ice.
WE50-E brown

Automatic Waterer

Automatic waterers take the worry away from filling and maintaining your livestock waterers. Connected to an underground water line, the water level is maintained at a constant level by use of a float and valve system. The super insulation on all of our waterers prevents the water from freezing.
MP012 Brown Poly waterer

Poly Automatic Waterer

Energy efficient is the term to describe our poly automatic waterers. A constant flow of incoming water carries heat energy, reducing the outside energy requirement. The design of the valve and placement of the supply line contributes to the efficiency of the waterer. Molded with the most effective ultraviolet inhibitor and tough for years of outdoor use, these poly waterers are practical solutions to your waterer needs.


Iowa® hydrants are intended for irrigation purposes and used for filling field spray equipment, cleaning tools and equipment, lawn and garden care, watering livestock with immediate water flow even in sub zero temperatures.

The Iowa® Yard Hydrant Model 34 is cast from a galvanized steel pipe with a removable nozzle. Its adjustable link provides easy and positive adjustment of the lever lock tension. It includes a simple cam that can be set to automatically obtain the same flow each time or lock against accidental opening. The graphite packing provides lubricity and extends the life of the unit. The one piece variable flow plunger is not easily damaged and assures shut-off, while also providing automatic drainage to prevent wasting ...

Waterer Parts & Accessories

Focused on the primary objective of providing a constant supply of clean fresh water to your livestock, Hutchison offers an expanded selection of waterer parts and accessories to quickly return your waterer to optimum working condition. The categories of floats, valves, and Super Bowl parts include replacement parts such as plunger seats, plunger casings, stem connectors, and float arms.
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