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Trim And Accessories

We have hundreds of models of trim and accessories available for your needs. These include rake & corner trims, ridge caps, angle trims, starter trims, finishing trims, and roof transitioning trims. Other accessories include door posts & jambs, track covers, and gutter aprons. Our fine options in valley tins, W-formed valleys, flat sheets, and roofing accessories are attractive, wide ranging, and built to last.

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Rake & Corner Trim

Rake & Corner Trim

Galvanized or painted trim used at corner connections or on the rake of building when using ribbed panel. The rake drip edge is cut and bent around the eave flashing for a simple finish.

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Ridge Cap

Ridge Cap

Ridge Caps help to cover the peak of the roof, where the two angles meet. Used on top of the ridge line or hip of the roof, especially when transitioning from a higher slope to a lower slope. They are important to help keep rain and snow from leaking into the building and through an otherwise penetrable portion of the roof. Our ridge caps are hemmed to provide a smooth, finished edge. Available in 14” and 20” widths, 10’ and 10’ 6” lengths and 16 optional colors.

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Angle Trim

Angle Trim

Used to trim corners or connections, our 3 styles of Angle Trim boast double hems in 16 optional colors.

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Starter Trim (TR160-005-1001 to 1016)

Starter Trim

Basic starter trim is necessary to extend the life of your structure. The double angle trim seals the breaks in siding caused by the addition of windows while the rat guard and bottom closure trims reduce gaps that allow dust and rodents in.

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Finishing Trim (TR160-004-1301 to 1316)

Finishing Trim

Not only designed to enhance the appearance of your building, these roofline finishing trims such as Fascia and J trims protect your structure against the toughest weather conditions.

Search  Finishing Trim - 32 Items

Door Posts & Jamb (TR160-007-1201 to 1216)

Door Posts & Jamb

Trim around door jambs adds style and a complete look to the home, and can be installed inexpensively. We have a complete assortment of angle trim, door jamb trim and door post trim in galvanized or 16 assorted colors of painted steel.

Search  Door Posts & Jamb - 94 Items

Track Cover (TR160-008-1001 to 1016)

Track Cover

Track Covers fit over or in a specific area of the extruded track the door rollers ride on. This offers an attractive way to conceal the sliding door mechanism while providing protection to the unit. These are in 10’ lengths for both round and square track.

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Roof Transitioning Trim (TR160-009-1101 to 1116)

Roof Transitioning Trim

Roofs Trim is an essential part of a metal roof. Trim is what helps seal all joints where a transition is made in the slope and direction of a roof to thwart water penetration. It also has many aesthetic benefits. Our trims include those for sidewall, endwall and gambrel roof joint.

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Gutter Apron

Gutter Apron

A gutter apron is installed under the roofing material and overlaps into the gutter to prevent water from penetrating the roof, preventing unwanted leakage into a home or building through the roof. Our gutter aprons are made from painted steel with 2 hems.
W-Formed Valley

W-Formed Valley

A "W" metal valley flashing is pre-formed and its partial-open design improves roof drainage as it channels water down the valley into the gutters, and they are relatively abuse resistant because the metal doesn't wear down like woven composition does. Also, as debris settles on the valley and rots the metal can handle the composition of leaves and needles better.
Valley Tin

Valley Tin

The valley of the roof is the point on the roof where the two sides meet. The entire length of the valley could be covered with our 24” rolled valley sheet of galvanized or painted steel for roof drainage. The metal doesn’t wear down and can handle the composition of leaves and needles.

Flat Sheet

Galvanized or Painted Steel Flat Sheets are available for uses involving simple bending or moderate forming. These sheets are for general utility uses such as corrugated siding and roofing, culverts, window frames, heating and ventilating ducting cornices, eave troughs, etc. Minimum order of 25 pieces.
Roofing Accessories

Roofing Accessories


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