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All Categories > Livestock & Equine Equipment > Livestock Feeders > Round Hog Feeder > Item # BR335-005-0001  
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Item # BR335-005-0001, WF40 Brower 40 BU Hog Feeder

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Our capacity outdoor hog feeders have a unique design in use since 1985.  This design really does minimize feed waste.  Animals turn a multi-spoke wheel in the bottom of the round feed trough.  A feed sweep, located inside the bottom of the hopper and attached to the feed wheel, sweeps feed past the cone and out of the hopper.  Bump bars, located inside the hopper, agitate the feed to keep it moving.  Feed falls through the center hole into the trough, where the feed wheel dispenses it to the hogs.  Feed stops flowing when hogs stop moving the feed wheel, thus reducing waste.

Note that there are no doors which can be a maintenance item.  Water from rain or snow will NOT wick up into the feed hopper.  With rain or snow, there may be some feed in the trough which will get wet but this feed will be quickly consumed.

Feeders should be positioned on relatively flat terrain.  This feeder is not recommended for pigs smaller than about 40 lbs.

The trough assembly and the feed adjustment mechanism are the same all three capacities.  Our 40 bushel feeder has one hopper ring.  We add one more ring for our 60 bushel capacity feeder.  Our 80 bushel feeder has three hopper rings.

Image 1.  The base assembly is made of heavy duty fiberglass.  The hopper (or shells) go on top of this base.  The hoppers and the cover are the same as the previous B40 unit.

Image 2.  The wheel is moved by hogs which sweeps the feed into the trough.  Because of the way the feeder is designed, feed inside of the base or the hopper cannot get wet.  If it rains or snows into the trough, moisture will cannot move up into the feed.   The feeder works best when pigs start on it when about 50 lbs.

Image 3.  The cone can be adjusted up or down to increase or decrease the rate of flow from the hopper into the trough.  The crank handle goes on the outside of the feeder.

Image 4.  The keeper prevents the adjustment from moving from where it is set.

Image 5.  The feed adjustment cone goes up and down on a cable as shown.



WF40 Hog

Sell Quantity


Bundle / Pallet Quantity


Overall Height

63 in

Hopper Diameter

56 in

Door Opening

10 in

No. of Rings


Approx. Capacity

40 bu

Approximate Capacity of Animals

60 Hogs

UPC Code


Shipping Weight

400.00 lb


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·  WF design #3

·  WF design #4

·  WF design #5

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