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Steel Stock Tank

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  • Ideal for mountain meadows
  • High plains pastures
  • Windmill watering systems
  • Desert water stations
  • Farm pastures, feed lots or corrals.
From smallest round and round end tank to 11 ft. round units, all are built with the same heavy-duty construction for durability. All feature 1 1/4" BIG TOP rims . . . with sidewalls and bottoms made of 20 gauge galvanized metal fully locked, swaged, corrugated, welded and sealed. Tank features fully seamed Pittsburgh lock bottom
  • Each tank is completely sealed
  • All sidewalls vertically double welded, swaged and corrugated.

BIG TOP Stock Tanks are built to last!
One-piece sidewall of 20 gauge galvanized steel formed and rolled around 1 1/4" galvanized steel tube creating the heavy top ring. Both metals formed together resulting in 14 gauge equivalent layers of galvanized metal for superior size and strength.

Sidewall and Bottom are fully galvanized steel base seams which are completely sealed. Sidewalls of each tank are double welded . . . both inside and outside welds are deoxidized copper wire, creating smooth, one-piece sidewalls . . . which are swaged and corrugated for greater strength and durability. Round galvanized 1 1/4" top ring clip is bronze welded to sidewalls.

Top Clip
Bronzed welded to reinforce and smooth sidewall seam.

Galvanized steel tube with formed and rolled 20 gauge sidewall.

Welded Sidewall Seam
Exclusive welded seam joins one-piece vertical galvanized steel sidewall, making this stock tank more rugged and dependable than ever before.

Two Piece Drain Plug On All HW Brand Tanks
Quality drain with watertight screw-clamp fittings.

Hog Drinkers Get Double Duty From Tanks
The poly drinker has a larger opening that makes it easier for larger sows and other animals to drink.

MADE IN THE USA - at our manufacturing facilities in Denver, CO and Pender, NE

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Item #




Approx. Capacity

Shipping Weight


ST270-001-0001 R32 Stock Tank 3 ft 3'D x 2'H ft 80 gal 46.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0002 R42 Stock Tank 4 ft 4'D x 2'H ft 170 gal 66.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0003 R52 Stock Tank 5 ft 5'D x 2'H ft 275 gal 87.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0004 R62 Stock Tank 6 ft 6'D x 2'H ft 395 gal 111.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0005 R72 Stock Tank 7 ft 7'D x 2'H ft 560 gal 137.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0006 R82 Stock Tank 8 ft 8'D x 2'H ft 718 gal 166.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0007 R92 Stock Tank 9 ft 9'D x 2'H ft 920 gal 196.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0008 R102 Stock Tank 10 ft 10'D x 2'H ft 1000 gal 225.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0020 R112 Stock Tank 11 ft 11'D x 2'H ft 1400 gal 295.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0001 RE223 Stock Tank 3 ft 2'W x 2'H x 3'L ft 72 gal 38 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0002 RE224 Stock Tank 4 ft 2'W x 2'H x 4'L ft 100 gal 47.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0003 RE225 Stock Tank 5 ft 2'W x 2'H x 5'L ft 135 gal 59.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0004 RE226 Stock Tank 6 ft 2'W x 2'H x 6'L ft 174 gal 73.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0005 RE2526 Stock Tank 6 ft 2 1/2'W x 2'H x 6'L ft 190 gal 79.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0006 RE228 Stock Tank 8 ft 2'W x 2'H x 8'L ft 230 gal 93.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0007 RE328 Stock Tank 8 ft 3'W x 2'H x 8'L ft 320 gal 104.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0008 RE3210 Stock Tank 10 ft 3 x 2 x 10 ft 406 gal 127.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0015 Hog Drinker Loose N/A 15 x 20 X 17.5 in N/A 4.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0016 Hog Drinker Installed N/A N/A N/A 4.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0019 RS31 Sheep Tank 3 ft 3 X 1 ft 40 gal 25 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0009 RS41 Sheep Tank 4 ft 4 x 1 ft 64 gal 35.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0010 RS51 Sheep Tank 5 ft 5 x 1 ft 132 gal 57.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0011 RS61 Sheep Tank 6 ft 6 x 1 ft 204 gal 81.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0012 RS71 Sheep Tank 7 ft 7 x 1 ft 277 gal 104.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-001-0013 RS81 Sheep Tank 8 ft 8 x 1 ft 348 gal 125.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0013 ST213 Sheep Tank 3 ft 2 x 1 x 3 ft 32 gal 25 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0009 ST214 Sheep Tank 4 ft 2 x 1 x 4 ft 47 gal 32.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0010 ST215 Sheep Tank 5 ft 2 x 1 x 5 ft 59 gal 41.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0011 ST216 Sheep Tank 6 ft 2 x 1 x 6 ft 70 gal 51.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-002-0012 ST218 Sheep Tank 8 ft 2 x 1 x 8 ft 92 gal 71.00 lb {QUOTE}
MT370-004-1005 Stock Tank Plug N/A N/A N/A 1.00 lb {QUOTE}
ST270-003-0050 36" Fire Ring 3 ft 3 X 1 ft N/A 21.00 lb $46.00
  Results 1 - 32 of 32 1 
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